NJ Puppet Shows for Birthday Parties

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I perform NJ puppet shows for New Jersey preschools, birthday parties in NJ spanning the entire state of New Jersey and uses muppet style puppets, including well known T.V . & movie characters that the children at the puppet show already recognize.

The show is in a highly interactive, musical, and features a clean stand-up comedy format. Also, the puppets make the effort to know ahead of time exactly who’s in the audience (through a list prepared by the host) so they can joke with the kids, and family during the show.

For birthday party puppet shows in New Jersey, I have the birthday child do some classic magic tricks my magician friends have shown me. Then I introduce the kids to my animal puppets, then do the puppet show followed by a kids dance party with customized music for your party theme upon request.

A similar format is followed for schools, camps and libraries but with a customized health and safety theme for Preschool, Daycare and Camp Programs.

NJ Puppet Shows

Uncle John uses a Professional Custom Built Stage, Multiple Spot Lights & LED Lighting, Multiple Professional-Grade Microphones, a Professional DJ’s Fender Passport PD-150 Pro. Sound System featuring Bose Speakers, and a digital sound library with over 3,000 popular songs to keep the audience entertained before, during, and even after the puppet show.



  • Fully Insured Puppeteer
  • Full Time Puppeteer – Performing NJ Puppet Shows for 20+ years
  • DJ Quality Sound System
  • Over 20 Years of Experience
  • Flat Rate Affordable Puppet Show Pricing
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